Student Council



Student Body and Class Officers

Student Body Officers

Student Body President: Katie T.

Student Body Vice President: Kyle C.

Student Body Secretary:  Cayleigh M.

Student Body Treasurer: Nathan M.

Student Council Parliamentarian: India P. and Jacob R.

Student Council Chaplains: Katilyn B. and Jeffrey H.

Public Relations/Special Projects: Baylee Gabbard 

Historians: Shawna C., Kortlyn F., and Evan P.


 Class of 2018

President- Cayleigh M.

Vice President- Jacob R.

Secretary- India P.

Treasurer- Nathan M.

Class of 2019

President- Austin D.

Vice President-  Shawn C.

Secretary- Molly L.

Treasurer- Conner T.


Class of 2020

President- Karly M.

Vice President- Aubrey W.

Secretary- Mallery H.

Treasurer- Sam D.

Class of 2021

President- Detlef B.

Vice President-  Abigail B.

Secretary- Nathan B.

Treasurer- Xavier P.

Advisor: Mr. Cloum