It is our vision that a TCHS graduate is prepared to create a successful and productive future within the world community.  Therefore, we encourage students to explore career options and create a post secondary plan to support their career interests. It is essential for students to understand high school diploma options and select challenging courses to support their career and post-secondary plan. The information below will assist future graduates in researching careers, understanding diplomas and selecting appropriate courses to ensure they are prepared for a successful and productive future.


Tri-Central Graduation Requirements and Course Descriptions for 2014-2015

College Planning


KACC Career and Technical Classes

If you are looking for summer or seasonal work Dragonwood is hiring for their 2017 season. Dragonwood is a local business that is run by a 2016 Tri-Central Graduate. Dragonwood produces and sells local raw wildflower honey, maple syrup, and flavored honey and syrup. You can find out more about Dragonwood by visiting their website: Dragonwood is one of the great examples of what Tri-Central Graduates can accomplish!

Dragonwood Job Application  




The Tipton Hospital Foundation is pleased to invite Tipton County Juniors and Seniors to participate in "Project Connect".  This one semester program is an exciting opportunity for young people to connect with the community.  The goals of this initiative are:

Connect youth to structured volunteer opportunities.
Connect community organizations and businesses to a program that provides a vehicle for them to provide structured youth service opportunities.
Connect interested youth to a centralized program.
Connect youth with educational opportunities in the area of leadership and life skills that complement their formal education.
Connect youth and their community.
Connect participants with local opportunities for future employment, encouraging youth to choose Tipton as their adult home.
Connect youth with an opportunity to earn a Certificate of Leadership and Service, providing substance to scholarship and college applications.